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Introduction to AREMOS Taiwan Economic Statistical Databank System

Taiwan Economic Data Center (TEDC) is a non-profit organization established to maintain and promote the usage of the "TEDC Taiwan Economic Statistical Databank System". The system is also known as "AREMOS Economic Statistical Databanks" -- AREMOS being the software we use for maintaining the system.

The AREMOS databanks include statistics for Taiwan such as: national income, industrial production, trade, finance, price, wage, population, energy, transportation, agriculture, education, daily trading statistics of listed and over-the-counter stocks, financial statements of listed companies, etc. It is one of the largest on-going, daily updated, time-series databank systems in Taiwan.

The system was created jointly by the Ministry of Education and National Taiwan University in 1987 and has been maintained since then to serve primarily researchers (academic, governmental and, increasingly, of private enterprises) in Taiwan.

In 2012, we began to offer "AREMOS Taiwan Economic Statistical Databanks (English Online Version)" to users in North America. Research institutions and universities are welcome to subscribe this version at US$ 10,000 /year (with educational discount at US$ 7,000 /year). All users under the subscriber's IP domain will have online access to this version. For more details, please see:
Policies of Our Online Version service

Currently we have the following 21 Taiwan economic statistical databanks open to our service:

(1)Quarterly National Economic Trends (QNET)
(2)National Income Statistical Databank (NA)
(3)Financial Statistical Databank (FSM)
(4)Export and Import Statistical Databank (TRADE)
(5)Industrial Production Statistical Databank (IND)
(6)Price Statistical Databank (PRICE)
(7)Manpower Statistical Databank (MAN)
(8)Earnings and Productivity Statistical Databank (WAGE)
(9)Government Finance and Tax Statistical Databank (MFIN)
(10)Energy Statistical Databank (ENG)
(11)Transportation Statistical Databank (TRANS)
(12)Agricultural Statistical Databank (AGR)
(13)Education Statistical Databank (EDU)
(14)Balance of Payments Statistical Databank (BOP)
(15)Commerce Statistical Databank   (COMM)
(16)Business Condition Indicators Databank   (BCI)
(17)Taiwan Economic Forecasts Databank (DGBAS, CEPD, IEAS)
(18)China Statistical Databank (CHINA)
(19)Cross - Strait Economics Statistics Databank (XST)
(20)Taiwan's IMF IFS Format Financial Statistical Databank (IFS)
(21)Stock Market Statistical Databank (TSE)

To view a brief description of the entire 30 databanks (including the source of data, the size of the bank, the frequency and beginning date of the data, etc.), please click:

A Brief Description of the 30 Databanks