Chapter 3
TSE and TSE80D Retrieval Code Index - by Table

In this chapter, we list the retrieval codes of all 2,536 time series in the TSE and TSE80D databanks according to the Table order they appear in "Taiwan Stock Exchange Statistical Data" The available Tables are as follows:

Section I.
Table 2.Summary Data of Stock Market
Section II.
Table 1. Total Trading Volume and Amount
Table 2. Total Trading Volume and Amount (by Months)
Table 3. Trading Statistics of Stocks (by Stocks)
Table 4. Trading Statistics of Stocks (by Warrants)
Table 5. Trading Statistics of Stocks (by Beneficiary Certificate)
Table 6. TSE Capitalization Weighted Stock Index
Table 9. TSE Sub Index Category of Industry
Table 10. TSE Composite Stock Price Average
Table 11. TSE Industrial Stock Price Average
Section IV.
Table 4. International Stock Markets