Chapter 1


Brief Description of the Quarterly National Economic Trends Statistical Databank

This databank consists of 390 time series. The bank's short name is QNET.

Data published in: Quarterly National Economic Trends, Taiwan Area, The Republic of China, Chapter I Tables 1-15, Chapter II Tables 1-8, Chapter III Tables 1-12, 16.

Data released by: Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS).

Data updated quarterly: in February, May, August and November, immediately after the data compiled by DGBAS.

1.2 Composition of Retrieval Codes

In Chapter 2, we will list all retrieval codes of QNET according to the Table order the publication.

We hope you may easily find the retrieval codes for the data you need in Chapters 2. However, it might be helpful if you are familiar with how we construct these retrieval codes. Generally speaking, we follow the following principles:

(1) We use well-known English abbreviations for the major concepts. For example:
GNP -- Gross National Product
C -- Consumption
IFIX -- Gross Fixed Capital Formation
INVCH -- Inventory Changes
EX -- Exports
M -- Imports
GDP -- Gross Domestic Product

(2) Following the "major concepts", we often append with some "modifiers" for further division. For example:

CP -- Private Consumption
CG -- Government Consumption

(3) We also append some commonly used "modifiers" wherever appropriate, such as:

CH -- standing for "rate of CHange"
% -- standing for "percentage"
PC -- standing for "Per Capita"

(4) Some of the series here are collected from other databanks, such as FSM, PRICE, IND, etc. In these cases, the retrieval codes are the same as those in the original databanks.