Chapter 1


Brief Description of the Industrial Production Statistical Databank

This databank consists of 2,023 time series. The bank's short name is IND.

Data published in: Industrial Production Statistics Monthly Taiwan Area, the Republic of China, Tables A-5, A-6, A-7, A-9, B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, and D-3.

Data released by: Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Data updated monthly.

1.2 Composition of Retrieval Codes

In Chapter 2, we will list all retrieval codes of IND according to the Table order in the publication. In Chapter 3, the same retrieval codes are listed alphabetically.

We hope you may easily find the retrieval codes for the data you need in Chapters 2 and 3. However, it might be helpful if you are familiar with how we construct these retrieval codes. Generally speaking, each retrieval code has two parts:

(1) The first part consists of a certain English abbreviation to represent a particular concept in the industrial production statistics. A complete list of these English abbreviations are as follows:

J -- Index of Production
JLP -- Index of Labor Productivity
JS -- Index of Shipment
JINV -- Index of Inventory
Q -- Quantity of Production
S -- Quantity of Shipment
S$ -- Value of Shipment
INV -- Inventory

(2) The second part is the "numerical code" for a specific industry. For example, the numerical code for the Food & Beverages industry is "11"; then, putting the 2 parts together, "J11" is the retrieval code for "Industrial Production Index -- Food & Beverages". The numerical code for the Tyres industry is "2401", and "J2401" is the retrieval code for "Industrial Production Index -- Tyres". Likewise, "Q3124010" is the retrieval code for the quantity of production of "Electric fan".

Note: As an exception, we use "JQIND" as the retrieval code for "the General Index of Industrial Production".

(3) Some of the retrieval codes have "ending letters." These ending letters represent the following:

@H -- Heavy Industry.
@L -- Light Industry.
@PR -- Private Industry.
@PU -- Public Industry.
& -- Combining total of Several 7-digit Industries.
(Note: Table C2 of the publication are production and shipment statistics of 7-digit industries. Some of these published series are "combining totals" of several 7-digit industries.)