Chapter 1



Brief Description of the Balance of Payments Statistical Databank

This databank consists of 273 annual and quarterly time series. The bank's short name is BOP.

Data published in: Balance of Payments, Taiwan District, the Republic of China.

Data released by: Economic Research Department, the Central Bank of China.

Data updated quarterly.


1.2 Composition of Retrieval Codes

In Chapter 2, we will list all retrieval codes of BOP according to the Table order in the publication.

We hope you may easily find the retrieval codes for the data you need in Chapters 2. However, it might be helpful if you are familiar with how we construct these retrieval codes.

There are 2 tables in the Balance of Payments publication:

Table 1 -- Analytic Presentation.
Table 2 -- Standard Presentation.

Table 1 is divided further into Table 1 (for annual data) and Table 1A (for quarterly data). Table 2 contains annual data and quarterly data.

The retrieval codes are composed as:

B + Numerical Code No.

B is the standard beginning letter for all series (standing for Balance of payments). The numerical code no. is a 4-digit number specified by IMF and used worldwide.

For example, B4993 is the retrieval code for "Current Account", B2110 is the retrieval code for "General Merchandise: Exports f.o.b.", etc. Chapters 2 and 3 have a complete listing of all these retrieval codes.