Flow of Funds Databank

Chapter 1 Introduction



Brief Description of the Flow of Funds Databank

This databank consists of two parts, with bank names AAL and FOF.

AAL (Assets and Liabilities): 2,168 series.
FOF (Flow of Funds): 1,123 series.

Data published in: (a) Report on the Financial Status of Public and Private Enterprises in Taiwan District, the Republic of China. (b) Flow of Funds Statistics in Taiwan District, the Republic of China.

Data released by: Economic Research Department, the Central Bank of China.

Data updated annually.


1.2 Composition of Retrieval Codes

In Chapters 2 and 3, we will list all retrieval codes of AAL and FOF according to the Table order in their respective publication.

We hope you may easily find the retrieval codes for the data you need. However, it might be helpful if you are familiar with how we construct these retrieval codes. Generally speaking, we follow the following principles:

(1) There are five "major concepts" in flow of funds statistics. We use English letters to represent each one of them. These letters then serve as the initial letter for the retrieval codes:

A -- Assets.
L -- Liabilities.
N -- Net Worth.
U -- Use of Funds.
S -- Source of Funds.

(2) We use English abbreviations to represent different "sectors" of the economy. These sector's abbreviations frequently appear behind the "major concept" initial letter:

PU -- Public Enterprises.
PR -- Private Enterprises.
CG -- Central Government.
LG -- Local Government.
HH -- Households & Non-profit Institutions.
CBC -- Central Bank of China.
DMB -- Deposit Money Banks.
OFI -- Other Financial Institution.

If a retrieval code does not contain any sector's abbreviation, then it is meant for "All Sectors of the Economy."

(3) In Assets & Liabilities Statistics for Public and Private Enterprises (i.e. in AAL databank), right behind PU and PR, there are English abbreviations for "industry." These industry abbreviations are as follows:

AG -- Agri., Hunting, Forestry & Fishing.
MI -- Mining & Quarrying.
MFG -- Manufacturing.
EGW -- Electricity, Gas & Water.
CON -- Construction.
TR -- Trade & Eating-Drinking Places.
TSC -- Transport Storage & Communication.
OTH -- Others.
FIR -- Finance, Insurance, Real-Estate.
BSV -- Business Services.
SSV -- Social, Personal & Related Community Services.

(4) Finally, we use "@" sign plus some English abbreviation to represent a particular item in Assets & Liabilities or Flow of Funds statistics. For example:

@CASH -- Cash in Vaults.
@DD -- Domestic Deposits.
@TF -- Trust Funds.
@BFI -- Borrowings from Domestic Financial Institutions.

Since there are so many items, we will not list all of them here.