Chapter 1



Brief Description of the Business Condition Indicators Databank

This databank consists of 257 time series. The bank's short name is BCI.

Data published in: 

(1)Statistics on Overseas Chinese & Foreign Investment, Outward Investment, Indirect Mainland Investment (by the Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs), Tables 3, 11 and 14.
(2)Monthly Bulletin of Interior Statistics, Taiwan and Fuchien Area, Republic of China (by the Department of Statistics, Ministry of the Interior), Tables 22, 28, 57 and 63.
(3)Monthly Statistics of Export Orders, Taiwan Area, the Republic of China (by the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs), Tables 7 and 11.
(4)Business Indicators (by the Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan), Chapter 2.
(5)Domestic & Foreign Express Report of Economic Statistics Indicators (by the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs), Tables E3, E4, E5, E6, E9, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16 and E17.
(6)Quarterly Report on the Condition and Performance of Domestic Banks (by the Central Bank of China) and the Central Bank of China's News Release.
(7)Financial Statistics Abstract (by the Bureau of Monetary Affairs, Ministry of Finance), Tables 1, 6 and 11.
(8)Taiwan Consumer Confidence Index Report (by Taiwan Research Institute and Fu-Jen University).
(9)Monthly Report on Economic Climate and Trends (by Taiwan Institute of Economic Research).

Data updated Monthly.


1.2 Composition of Retrieval Codes

In Chapter 2, we will list all retrieval codes of BCI according to the Table order in the publication. 

We hope you may easily find the retrieval codes for the data you need in Chapter 2. However, it might be helpful if you are familiar with how we construct these retrieval codes. Generally speaking, each retrieval code has two parts:

(1) The first part consists of a certain English abbreviation to represent a particular "concept" in the business condition statistics. For example:


II -- approved Inward Investment.

IO -- approved Outward Investment.

IC -- approved Investment in China.

LR -- Registration of Land.

BR -- Registration of Building.

CP -- Construction Permit.

OP -- Occupancy Permit.

EXO -- EXport Order.

JLEAD -- LEADing Index.

JCOIN -- COINcident Index.

(2) The second part is a "modifier" following an "@" sign and placed right behind the initial English abbreviation. For example, II@HK is the retrieval code for "Approved Overseas & Foreign Investment -- from Hong Kong" ; IO@JAP is the retrieval code for "Approved Outward Investment -- to Japan" ; IC@SZX is the retrieval code for "Approved Indirect Mainland Investment -- Shumchum" , etc.