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(1) You may enter "," to represent "and", "*" to represent "or", "#" to represent "not". For example:

  or gdp*fish
(2) You can use this keyword search to look for retrieval codes from 22 of our     databanks. If the result of a particular search includes retrieval codes from more than one databanks, the order they appear will be as follows:

1. National Income (NIAQ, NIAA) 12. Agriculture (AGR)
2. Financial (FSM) 13. Education (EDU)
3. Export & Import (TRADE) 14. Multifactor Productivity (MFP)
4. Industrial Production (IND) 15. Economic Forecasts (DGBAS, CEPD, IEAS)
5. IMF IFS Format Financial (IFS) 16. Balance of Payments (BOP)
6. Price (PRICE) 17. Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)
7. Manpower (MAN) 18. Flow of Funds (FOF, AAL)
8. Earnings & Productivity (WAGE) 19. Quarterly National Eco. Trends (QNET)
9. Government Finance & Tax (TAX, GOVT) 20. Insurance (INS)
10. Energy (ENG) 21. Miscellaneous (MISC)
11. Transportation (TRANS) 22. Mainland China (CHINA)

(3) The retrieval codes of the following 7 databanks are composed according to some simple rules and cannot be found through keyword searching. To find out how the retrieval codes are composed, please go to their individual on-line Retrieval Code Index explanation:

1. OECD Format Energy (OECDR, OECDO, OECDC)
2. Stock Market Daily Statistics (STOCK90, STOCK80, STOCK70)
3. Listed Stocks' Rates of return (STOCKRR, STOCKRR9, STOCKRR8, STOCKRR7)
4. Listed Companies' Financial statements (COMP, COMPF)
5. Over-The-Counter Daily Statistics (OTC)
6. Over-The-Counter Stocks' Rates of Return (OTCRR)
7. Over-The-Counter Companies' Financial Statements (OTCCOMP, OTCCOMPF)

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